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Wholesome Family Friendly Entertainment Ideas | Movies, Books, Shows, Games & Activities

Updated: Jun 25

The struggle is real in this world today to find wholesome movies and activities that are safe for our hearts and minds. So many things interwoven into the entertainment that many of us would rather not take into our hearts or have pass through the eyes of the precious children in our lives. I had posted a few movie recommendations recently, and has a few requests for a full list. This blog post is in conjunction with a YouTube video that I made on this topic, If you are interested in that, the video is at the bottom of this blog. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but I hope it gives you a few good ideas. I also have to preface this with the thought that 'wholesome' and 'family friendly', may vary from household to household. What I consider wholesome, may not be right for your family, and that is completely understandable. Please review all content before exposing your children to it. Some of the things on this list will also vary in their appropriateness, depending on someone's age.

*Many of the things mentioned on this list will be on my Amazon storefront, with easy to click links*

Amazon Prime Movies and Shows Free Trial

Amazon Audible Free Trial

My Amazon Storefront (You can find most of these products easily in my idea lists)

"The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness! If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness! “

Matthew 7:22-23


  1. Little House on the Prairie, DVD

  2. Anne of Green Gables PBS Movie Series (3 Parts), Prime Video / DVD Set

  3. Pollyanna PBS Adaptation, Prime Video / DVD

  4. Liberty Kids, Complete Series

  5. Little Women 90's Version, Prime

  6. The Redemption of Henry Myers, Prime Video

  7. Paddington

  8. Freedom, DVD

  9. The Case for Christ

  10. Theo: God's Truth Home Edition, DVD Set

  11. Last Chance Detectives, DVD Series

  12. Iron Will, Prime Video, DVD

  13. An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, Prime Video / DVD

  14. Homeward Bound

  15. Faith Like Potatoes

  16. Unbroken : Path to Redemption

  17. Indivisible

  18. Shepherd: The Story of a Hero Dog

  19. The Prince of Egypt

  20. No Vacancy

  21. The Great Alaskan Race

  22. Woodlawn

  23. Genesis: Paradise Lost

  24. Harriet

  25. Risen

  26. Is Genesis History

  27. Joseph : King of Dreams

  28. The Nativity Story

  29. American Experience: The Pilgrims

  30. Alone yet Not Alone

  31. Wish You Well

  32. October Baby

  33. Chronicles of Narnia, DVD Series

  34. When Calls the Heart, Prime, When Calls the Heart, DVD

  35. The Little Bear Movie

  36. Book of Daniel

  37. The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

  38. Little Men

  39. The Magic of Ordinary Days

  40. Amazing Grace

  41. Love Comes Softly, Series (DVD Volume 1) / DVD - Full Collection / Prime Video

  42. Beyond the Prairie

  43. Sarah Plain and Tall, DVD

Amazon Prime Movies and Shows Free Trial

Amazon Audible Free Trial

My Amazon Storefront


  1. Little House on the Prairie, Complete Series, DVD / Prime Video Streaming Season 1

  2. Little Women, Prime, Season 1

  3. When Calls the Heart (note: somewhere in season 7, they got a new producer, and the show became much less wholesome to watch, in my opinion) Prime, Season 1 / DVD Version

  4. When Hope Calls

  5. Little House Story Corner (My husband and I created story corner on youtube)

  6. All Creature Great and Small, PBS Masterpiece on Prime Video

  7. The Andy Griffith Show, Season 1, Prime Video

  8. Heartland

  9. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

  10. Super book, Series

  11. The Amazing Bible Series

  12. Friends and Heroes, Series

  13. Owlegories

  14. Little Men, Amazon Prime Series

  15. Christy, Show Series

  16. Road to AvonLea, Series


  1. Little House on the Prairie, Series Hardcover - Little House Soft Cover Set

  2. The Green Ember, Series

  3. Anne of Green Gables, Series

  4. Little Britches, Series

  5. The Kingdom, Series

  6. When Calls the Heart, Set

  7. The Prince Warriors

  8. Little Men / Little Women Collection Series (including Little Men)

  9. Our Little Adventures (Baby-Pre-K)

  10. Love Comes Softly, Series

  11. Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm

  12. Sarah Plain and Tall

  13. Caleb's Story (Sarah Plain and Tall Series)


  1. Puzzles (My favorite vintage style puzzles come from the Buffalo games brand. Here are some examples: The General Store Old Glory Homegrown Snowy Cabin

  2. Cards (Some card decks have weird questionable symbols on them, here are some better options: North East Bird Deck Midwest Mammals Hummingbirds

  3. Bible Conversation Cards

  4. Bible Memory Games

  5. Jonah Go Fish

  6. Bible Old Man Card Game

  7. The Action Bible Guess It Game

  8. Redemption Game Cards

  9. Children's Bible Trivia

  10. Prayer Warrior Trivia Game

  11. Bible Pathways Adventures Coloring Books

  12. Paper Dolls : Little Women

  13. Paper Dolls: Anne of Green Gables

  14. Little House Coloring Book

  15. Beginners Bird Watchers Book with Stickers

  16. My Little House Sewing Book

My Amazon Storefront (You can find most of these products easily in my idea lists)

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