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Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Come shop our favorites for life, home, and family. Thank you so very much for stopping by!

Spice Store

Little House Amazon Storefront

Explore my amazon page for inspirations for the home, kitchen, homestead, coop, seasons, and so much more!

Survival Garden Seeds

I have exclusive discounts codes for certain survival kits & bundles.

Couple Code:



Hisea Homestead Boots

15% Discount Code:

littlehouse Homesteading, gardening, farming, chicken tending, wading, and rainy day boots.


Southern Natural Goat Milk Products

Good old fashioned natural goat milk soaps, lotions, and other products.

Discount Code: LITTLEHOUSE10


Little Women Atelier

Beautiful hand-loved special linen pieces by a family owned business.


Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 6.31.12 PM.png

Kin & Kind

Natural Dog Products

Natural wellness & hygiene products for your favorite furry friends.

Image by Ramesh Casper

Leven Rose Beauty


Leven Rose is a premium beauty product company, committed to producing the best pure and natural beauty products to keep you looking your best naturally. We're committed to bringing you the best organic and 100% pure natural products by using only ingredients from suppliers that meet our stringent quality assurance standards. Every product is upheld to countless quality tests and assessments throughout the manufacturing process to verify its purity and full potency

Vego Garden


Redefining Raised Garden Beds

At Vego Garden, our goal is to redefine raised garden beds. The company was founded with the goal of launching a modular metal garden bed system with a 20+ year life expectancy, utilizing eco-friendly metal materials instead of cutting down trees. We emphasize innovative design and high quality materials in all of our products. Vego Garden gained great popularity right after launching, and is now the leading brand in raised garden beds..

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