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Lost Remedy of Dill

Dill, glorious, dill. It is a wonderful herb for summer salads, pickling of all kinds, and gives off a beautiful scent while strolling through the garden on a summer day. Most of us are no stranger to the culinary uses of dill, but many people are less familiar with the medicinal uses that were cherished in times gone by.

(see medical disclaimer)

Some of the ways that people used dill medicinally were through teas, tinctures, and infusions. (Note: All of the dill plant is edible) Dill was dried to make into a tea or crush into food, or dill was used fresh in an infusion or tincture. Dill was also used fresh to chew on for issues with bad breath. Dill has little to no cautions associated with it, and it is deemed a "safe herb."

Some of the health benefits of dill:

  • Soothing colic in babies

  • Soothing the digestive system

  • May stimulate milk flow in nursing mamas and promote a calming affect

  • May reduce stomach gas or cramping

  • Bad Breath

For more information, feel free to check out the video below!

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