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Living with the Seasons | Slowing Down

As I have slowed down these past few years, I have more closely been able to observe the flow and the patterns of creation. I have been able to witness the incredible design built into the land and the creatures all around us. To look in awe as creation gracefully moves in and out of the seasons. We too were designed to live along this flow of nature.

As the world has gotten louder and faster over the last few generations, it seems we have lost so much of our sensitivity to our created design, the design built into our essence, and our very DNA. We have fallen so far from that oneness with the Lord in Eden. Living as living was meant to be, tending the garden, stewarding the animals, laying in the green pastures of still rest, and walking alongside our God.

We live for much in this world today. We live for money, power, status, fame, the time clock, the approval of strangers, a high, the pressures, and the promotions. We live in a rush of chaotic energy fueled by the media, comparisons, expectations, and the brokenness of this world. Convenience it seems, has become our ally and our enemy. I know that someday the Lord will return, He will make this world new again, and we will walk beside Him in Eden, living exactly as we were intended to live. Until then, as we occupy this world until His glorious appearing, may we take hold of whatever bits and pieces of wisdom, peace, joy, and beauty still exists amongst the chaos of this age. Take time to really know your loved ones, tend whatever home or piece of land you have with all diligence and gratefulness. Stop throughout the day to thank and acknowledge your Maker, notice the seasons as they change, and pray for an increase of wisdom as you navigate this life.

As I delve more and more deeply into the art of intentional living, I am seeing the chasm between how things operate in our modern world and how we were created to be. We were indeed made to move with the seasons and the harvests. We were designed to touch the dirt, feel the joys, wonder at the stars, embrace the pain, let the rain hit our skin, and live to seek our Maker. Even If it is only one small piece at a time, may we do whatever it takes to slow down, and be in awe of all that is already all around us. May we live in the hope of seedtime, the abundance of summers' length of days, the joys and the letting go of the time of harvest, and the deep exhale of the stillness of winter. May we discover who we were truly created to be. Let us know deep down in our being that to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

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2 Kommentare

Bethany Platt
Bethany Platt
24. Mai 2022

You have written my heart. This year I decided would be different. I stepped down from a high stress management position at the very beginning and I'm just now realizing, five months out, how tired I am. Around this time is when I found your channel on YouTube and really began to dive into slow living and intentional living. It's been hard to slow down after being in "go go go" mode for years, but it is so worth it.

Gefällt mir

Sayi'Mone Tati
Sayi'Mone Tati
20. Mai 2022

Thanks for the exhorting words. I hope you are doing well, my sister and friend!

Gefällt mir
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