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Women Reclaiming Softness & True Feminine Power | The Warriors of Gentleness

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

The world is rough out there. Roughness and self worship is encouraged. Truly, it is not only encouraged, but celebrated. Women in particular are celebrated for being rough, loud, aggressive, manipulative, masculine, abrasive, powerful, and overtly sensual. The world puts down the idea of femininity all while yelling, woman power! I have stopped trying to make sense of the upside down logic of this world, but as they push the hypocrisy deeper and deeper, it creates a truer sense of clarity over the issue.

Statistics show that mental health is in a free fall decline. Family and relationships are in a free fall decline. Chronic illnesses and prescription medication are on the rise. This must make one question all of our "progress". The convenience of our food system, the push of modern feminism, the decline of healthy masculinity, the explosion of technology, is clearly not creating happier human beings or healthier relationships.

Once we are willing to see this reality for what it is, we can push aside the mental programming from this world, and run towards peace. Peace ultimately comes from existing in truth; there is so much freedom in truth. It is a battle in the beginning to let go of that societal programming. As you begin to hear and receive truth, your flesh and deceptive will, pushes back against it. Your flesh, the world, and the enemy, wants to keep you bound. Those chains will constantly aim to convince you they don't exist. You can sit in a jail cell your whole life with the door wide open and never step out into the sun. So, here is the trick society plays. They convince you that the truth is bondage and that the lie is freedom. It is the ultimate matrix, making good evil, and evil good.

I do however, see a movement of women breaking free of the bondage they have unknowingly lived in their whole lives, and running full speed towards truth. They are courageously marching forward and perhaps sometimes stumbling along the way, but nevertheless, courageously choosing truth. These women are dodging the insults and attacks from the world, from family, and those they considered friends. These women are the warriors of gentleness, battling the lies of a generation, committing to embody the beautiful power of femininity; to be all God designed a woman to be. We are navigating a space that the past few generations have tried to erase and learn things we were never taught. We are walking through the refiners fire of learning to harness feminine power within our call to a gentle spirit in a world of harshness. We are tearing down the programming, and fighting for the minds of the young women marching up behind us.

I see you sister. I know it's hard to be a voice crying into a westward wind. I know somedays you feel tired and discouraged at what you see around you. Hold fast. Hold fast to what is true, noble, good, and praiseworthy. It's okay to not be understood. It's okay to feel like you will never fully get there. It's time to forgive yourself and move forward. It is each step that counts, it is the warrior heart, it is the power of the soft spirit placed in your very DNA by Almighty God, that will see you through. He will see you through.

Hugs from the mountain.


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Jan 26

Wow, I never knew how much I needed to read this. Thank you! <3




Thank you for this!


Amen Lea, it truly is a battle fighting against everything that I have been indoctrinated with through the world and my own ignorance, not coming to Christ until I was in my thirties. But it is a battle that can be won as I/we look onto Jesus and do as the Lord tells us through the Apostle Paul to take every though captive to the obedience of Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit. Lord Bless you, James and the pups!


As a rather young woman (13 years old) I find it heartening to read things like this and know that I'm not the only one trying to live this way :) I'm very blessed to have a family who stands by me and my views of biblical femininity. I hope we can reclaim what God has blessed us with :)


Jul 14, 2023
Replying to

It's heartening to know that even at your age you already have a gratefulness for your parents and an identity in who God calls you to be. You have a lot more figured out than most people do at your age. I'll be praying for you and that other God-fearing women will reclaim femininity. Good on you for embracing it publicly! :)

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