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Reclaiming Femininity & Finding Joy

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I believe that there is a movement afoot, something brewing beneath the rolling waves of tumult in our society today. Slowly but surely, we are seeing women, who have become desperately disenchanted with modern feminism, diving back into the essence of who they were created to be. There is a growing pocket of women who are seeing the generational narrative of feminism with fresh eyes. We are tapping back into the unique beauty of our created essence, and rejecting this notion that it is something to be ashamed of.

Ironically, while the world and the feminist movement have been touting the flag of crying 'sexism' at every turn, they in fact are sexist in their script. Over the past few generations, women have been slowly fed the lie that femininity is shameful, weak, and something to be overcome. They go yelling through the streets and television screens, 'We must overcome who we are and be more like men!' We are told that it is shameful and weak to desire to be a wife and mother, to need a man for anything, or to be soft in our interactions with others. They have manipulated us into thinking that we have to prove our value to others, as If being who we were created to be actually has no value on it's own. 'Be fierce!' 'You can do anything a man can do!', they say.

Those words reverberated in my brain as I watched my husband carry 75 pound retaining wall beams up our 37 steps in 94 degree weather multiple summers ago so that he could build our chickens a safer coop up here on the mountain. I can assure you that I could not carry multiple 75 pound retaining wall beams up 37 steps in the dead of summer, or in any other season for that matter. I needed him in that moment. I needed him to be what I was not, just as he has needed me many times to be what I was created to be for him.

While feminism may have started out with some good ideas and intentions, it has ended with a heap of societal rubble that will take a miracle of God to rectify. As it has grown and evolved over time, it appears that the main goal of feminism is actually the worship of depravity. We have been manipulated to think it is still a legalistic movement to open up and maintain fundamental rights for women. The heaps of rubble now include mass abortion, the division and destruction of the nuclear family, promiscuity without consequence, modern gender theories, disarming men of their healthy masculinity, ill physical and mental health, weak aimless men, rising divorce, and false victimhood narratives. Keep in mind that all of these aforementioned things, are in fact realities that harm women. You know what they say, to keep doing the same thing over and over with no different results, is the definition of insanity.

Instead of embracing our divinely given femininity, we have turned our life into a competition with men. Talk like men, dress like men, think like men, work like men. I have watched clips of some of these feminist marches and I see no joy on anyones faces. What I have witnessed, is a lot of yelling, anger, bitterness, aggression, loneliness, control, manipulation, resentment, discontentment, sadness, confusion, and chaos. If this is the fruit of this push to rid women of the 'disease of femininity' and make them more like men, then you can keep it; I choose joy and peace.

Why the misery you ask? A person will inevitably become miserable, anxious, or restless when they are spending their entire life fighting against who they were created to be. We become angry and discontent when we are habitually living out a lie that we've been manipulated into believing is a truth. It's as though women are in one big abusive relationship with the media and the 'powers that be', who have been profoundly gaslighting us for multiple generations. It is only the natural outcome of an emotionally abusive relationship, that mental illness and internal chaos ensues.

So how do we begin to reclaim our God given femininity from the ash heap of feminism? I believe the first step is putting a fresh lens over the way we view femininity. We are not broken simply because we are women, and we do not need to be ashamed of the things that make us uniquely different from men. Womanhood is not something that needs to be overcome, and we have nothing to prove to the world. Our worth does not come from the things of this world nor its opinions. Our worth certainly does not come from becoming like men. Our worth comes from the fact that we were designed and crafted in love by the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Sometimes, while I am gazing at the stars or the autumn leaves against the mountain, I stop and think to myself how incredible it is, that the God who created such amazing things, wanted one of me too. I am complex and unique in my DNA, hormones, fingerprint, and purpose; there will never be someone else exactly like me. Ladies, God made us women on purpose. He crafted us differently than men for a reason. Men and women are beautifully complimentary to one another in a way that has made society stand and continue for all of human history. Regardless of the narrative that's flying around today, believing those simple absolute truths, does not make you a bad person, it makes you sane. The duality of man and woman, when done in God's design and order, is perfectly complimentary. It does not make one better than the other, but rather different in equal worth.

'He provides the house, I provide the home. He provides the food, I provide the meals. He provides the money, I provide the budget. He provides the protection, I provide the purpose.' - Hannah Ramsay

Both of these roles hold equal value and worth, but are different and complimentary of one another.

There is joy and peace in embracing the natural instinctual pull that you have as a women towards femininity, and you being told you should reject and fight against it is a lie. When we do this, we are ultimately only fighting against ourselves.

I understand that throughout history, there have been unrighteous and abusive men that have exploited their authority and strength in harmful ways, both in the home, and in the world. This is wrong, and will be judged by a holy God. The simple fact that there are men and women who are depraved, doesn't mean that we throw out masculinity and femininity and create more confusion and chaos. It means that we rise up and set the example of what embracing these roles looks like when done God's way; when done from righteous love. We seek out men to marry who fear the Lord and will make loving strong fathers, we break bonds and generational chains of trauma and lies, and we walk forward into our designed roles, knowing that God's power will sustain and lead us as we seek Him.

The final note I will make, is to not be deceived by the false movement of the 'divine feminine' and the 'goddess rising'. This is a false counterfeit that is seeking to balance out the lack of masculinity we feel in the world today. It is based in the belief that the future of this planet will be 'feminine energy'. It is a version of feminism with a lot of occult spirituality mixed in. It is a new age movement that worships the idea of the divine feminine or mother goddess. I used to be entrapped in this mindset and so I understand the temptation behind it. It is just another version of seeking worth in something outside of the Creator. It pulls on our need to feel special.

Sis, you are special simply because you are you, nothing extra needed.

With love and hope,


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13 commenti

Adrienne Abudo
Adrienne Abudo
30 set 2023

I needed this today. I just discovered your YouTube channel and I can't wait to catch up on your videos.

Mi piace

Just Me
Just Me
08 mag 2023

I agree with you. Wish more women would teach their teenage to be more like how women are supposed to be instead of fighting Showing totally disrespect.Love to know where you got your aprons or did you make it? I don’t have a sewing machine. Love your YouTube videos and your blog!!

Mi piace

Gale Wright
Gale Wright
06 mag 2023

Beautiful read. Thank you for this.

Mi piace

This is so true. Thank you, Lea :))

Mi piace

Kimberly M
Kimberly M
13 ott 2022

Your words ring so true in my heart. Thank you for blessing me. I treasure this post. Every woman should read this. Yahweh truly uses you Lea to speak and share HIS truth. Praise God!!!

Mi piace
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