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Little House Story Corner Launches

Updated: May 7, 2021

Our little labor of love is finally ready to go live. It has been a long and fast 6 months of preparation for the new children's channel. The story corner tab here on the website is also now up and running and can be accessed from our homepage.

The goal for Little House Story Corner is to create a safe, edifying, and entertaining videos for children and families to enjoy. We have marked all of our videos as "made for children" and we will not be monetizing any of these videos so as to try and maintain an ad free environment. While we can not control everything that youtube chooses to do on its own, we will do all we can on our end to keep the space as safe as possible. These videos are very time intensive, however, the children are most certainly worth it! In order to be able to continue to create this content, viewer support will be crucial. You can support this channel and effort by joining us on patreon for as little as $1 per month here:

You can subscribe to the new channel here:

We thank you from our hearts and we hope that you and your family enjoys these videos as much as we have enjoyed the labor of love in creating them.

Love, James and Lea D

**We will do our very best to create a safe environment by marking the videos as "made for kids" , disabling personalized ads, and declining all personal monetization efforts. We unfortunately can not control what youtube decides to do outside of that, and sometimes they will insert ads without the permission from creators for their own monetization purposes. Due to the fact that the videos are marked "made for kids", the ads go through a more rigorous filtering process and are supposed to be more "family friendly" according to their standard of measure. We thank you so much for your support as it is crucial to be able to sustain and maintain the time investment that goes into the making of these videos. We pray that our content will bless you as much as you have blessed us. All our love, James and Lea D**

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1 Comment

Thank you Lea and James for the story channel! I am now listening to the first one about preparing for winter. For context: I am 57 and still love to hear a good story. :-) I am working on a braided rug made from t-shirts my family donated for the project. Listening to a story while sewing my rug is so soothing.

Thank you and God bless you for your generous sharing and story telling.


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