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DIY Pressed Flower Pumpkin

There is something absolutely whimsically lovely about pressed flowers on anything. This autumn, I knew I wanted to try my hand at a pressed flower pumpkin, and it is now officially on my yearly list of fall crafts. It adds such a special touch and a cottage feeling to your home or under a covered porch.

What you will need:

  • A pumpkin of your choosing (preferably one with a smooth surface without a lot of bumps) You could also use a faux pumpkin If you wanted to save this for future years.

  • Dried pressed flowers, leaves, ferns, or any foliage (you could dry and press these on your own during the summer or you can purchase pressed flower kits.

  • Glue that dries clear. I used the non-toxic water based Mod Podge glue in a matte finish.

  • Tweezers (If you purchase a pressed flower kit, some of them come with the tweezers.

  • A brush to apply your glue. Preferably a 1" paint brush or foam brush.

If you choose to press your own flowers, you will have to do so ahead of time.

Pressing Flowers:

  • Obtain either blotting paper, printer paper, parchment paper, or flat cardboard

  • Lay your flowers face down on the paper, as flat as possible—remove the stems if they are bulky

  • Lay a second piece of paper over the top of your flowers

  • If using a book, place your covered flowers within the pages and weigh down with a heavy object

    • Keep in mind that the pigment of flowers may stain through the paper. If you do not want to taint the book pages, add a few extra layers of paper.

  • If using a wood press, follow necessary directions.

  • Wait about 1 week before checking on flowers, more time may be needed for complete drying


  1. Once you have your pressed flowers ready and picked out, you will want to clean your pumpkin of any dirt or debris.

  2. Place your pumpkin on top of a piece of paper or cardboard to avoid getting glue on your surface.

  3. After your pumpkin is clean and dry, use the foam or 1” brush to apply the Mod Podge glue over a section of your pumpkin.

  4. Begin placing individual flowers on top of the Mod Podge.

  5. Use your brush again and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge completely over the flowers; It will dry clear.

  6. You may need to use the finer brush to precisely apply more Mod Podge on the edges of your flowers.

  7. Continue repeating this process until you have created your work of art. Allow to dry fully.

Decorate a mantle, table, window, or covered porch. Do not leave this out in the rain.

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GoGo Gadget Doom
GoGo Gadget Doom
Oct 10, 2023



Oct 10, 2023

Thank you for the video, encouragement is just what this weary heart needed today. Love the pumpkin!


Beautiful! That looks so fun :)

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