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DIY Hand & Body Sugar Scrub

Homemade sugar scrubs are some of my favorite at home natural beauty products because they use simple ingredients, leave skin feeling silky smooth, and are easy to make and apply. Sugar scrub is also versatile, allowing you to use various sugars or oils that you may have on hand. You can also adjust the scent depending on the season of the year to be wonderfully inviting to the senses.

What you will need:

  • Sugar Base Options: You can use brown sugar, regular cane sugar, raw sugar, or even coconut sugar for the base of your scrub. Coconut sugar and brown sugar are richer in color and in scent, giving off a slightly sweet and warm fragrance (these are my preference). White sugars seem to be standard in most body scrubs, and they have very little scent.

  • Carrier Oil Options: For your carrier oil, you can certainly simply use whatever you have on hand. If you want something that caters more to your personal skin needs, you can find some more detailed information on the various carrier oils and skin types on my blog post for homemade face oil here- DIY FACE OIL FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE

Some carrier oil options are:

  1. Sweet almond oil

  2. Virgin coconut oil

  3. Fractionated coconut oil

  4. Jojoba oil

  5. Olive oil

  6. Sunflower Oil

  7. Pumpkin Oil

  • Scents: You can add essential oils to your hand and body scrub or If you are sensitive to essential oil you could add dried herbs or ground spices. Note that If you add dried herbs to your scrub and use the scrub in the sink or bathtub, you will probably want to use a drain catcher. Essential oil scents are completely up to your discretion. I enjoy using vanilla and lavender or cedar wood with black spruce oil. I currently purchase most of my essential oils from Revive Oils. Some essential oils are more gentle on the skin than others, so make sure you are not overly sensitive to an oil before using it in your scrub. Ground spices could include things like ground cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, or ginger. Dried herbs could include things such as dried lavender buds, dried crushed rose petals, or dried and ground chamomile flowers. This scrub can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.

  • Preservative: Vitamin E oil is a great natural preservative for natural body care products. It not only has wonderful skin healing properties, but it can help to keep your products lasting longer. Rosemary oil is also a helpful natural preservative.

  1. Start by mixing one cup of your sugar or brown sugar with 1/4 -1/2 cup of your carrier oil. I would start with a 1/4 cup and mix your sugar and oil together. If it feels dry, slowly add some more oil until its well mixed, but not overly oily.

  2. Next, add in the essential oils, herbs, or spices of your choosing. You will add approximately 10-15 drops of essential oils, or 1 tsp of spices or dried herbs. Stir well to combine, then give your scrub a sniff. Add more scent If needed.

  3. At this point, you will add 1 tsp of your vitamin e oil, mixing again throughly, distributing it throughout your scrub.

  4. Scoop your sugar scrub into the storage jars of your choosing, and label If desired with type and date made. Store the scrub in a cool dark place.

To use, simply take your desired amount (approx. 1-2 tablespoons) of scrub from the storage jar, and rub in a gentle and circular motion on the skin. Rinse off with warm water. Happy scrubbing!

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